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Ate Rear Jaws Game For Smart City Cabriolet Fortwo Coupé

Ate Rear Jaws Game For Smart City Cabriolet Fortwo Coupé

Ate Rear Jaws Game For Smart City Cabriolet Fortwo Coupé    Ate Rear Jaws Game For Smart City Cabriolet Fortwo Coupé
Ate rear jaw set for smart city cabriolet fortwo cut. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Set of ate rear brake jaws for smart city cabrio fortwo cut. 1x set of rear brake jaws ate. See technical information and the table of vehicles. Type of assembly: pre-assembled additional item/additional information: with wheel brake cylinder additional item/additional information: with accessories ø piston cylinder: 22.20 ø drum: 203 width: 32 braking system: bosch approval: e1 90r-01256/140 approval: e1 90r-011043/093 map code present.

When it comes to brakes, why do professionals immediately think about ate? Because Eate experts put a lot of reflection and experience in the development of your products. Workshops, end customers and car manufacturers know exactly why they can rely on ate. Ate uses more than 150 mixtures of different materials for brake pads - each corresponding to the quality of the series. Competitors generally settle for four to five.

If you don't want to dispense with the original quality when replacing wear parts, you can turn to ate - it's as simple as that. At ate's, there's no power stop. In terms of quality defects, ate is for the zero solution. This is why ate has set up a quality management system certified as iso 9001 in allen production sites.

The certificate imposes high requirements for customer guidance, management and other quality criteria. At the same time, a process of continuous improvement is part of the standard. When it comes to brakes: ate. As a specialist in braking systems, ate has set the standard in terms of quality, strength of innovation and understanding of the system for more than 100 years. The expertise in research, production and delivery has made the original equipment manufacturer of the world's leading automotive equipment manufacturers.

The same skill also makes it a favourite in the replacement market. Tested safety - well above the standard (ece-r90).

Consumers deserve the highest protection! In order to protect them from dangerous imports at low prices, the European Economic Commission for Europe has defined a number of regulations: brake pads for road traffic must pass a series of tests on braking behaviour and friction coefficients before receiving the corresponding certificate.

Note on the accuracy of the adjustment. Please check the compatibility of the items before paying an order. As soon as an order has been paid, it is automatically shipped so that the goods reach you as quickly as possible. If you are not sure, send us your vehicle data before paying so that we can check your order and correct it if necessary.

To check your order, we need the kba number. From your grey card, the chassis number (e-number) and the date of first registration. In some cases, additional information is required to reliably identify the required spare part. Saving on consumables such as paper and ink/toner saves valuable environmental resources.

In addition, you no longer have to worry about storing, filing and searching your bill. Please note that it is not possible to change the delivery address after payment, as we release and forward orders directly for shipment. Note on the tracking number.

0.6 (s1ola1, 450.441, 450.442, 450.443). 03.00 - 01.04.

At j 000000 installation location rear axle. 0.8 cdi (s1olc1, 450.401, 450.402, 450.403, 450.400).

03.01 - 01.04. 0.6 (s1old2, 450 452). 01.01 - 01.04. 0.7 (450 452, 450 432). 01.03 - 01.04.

06.02 - 01.04. 0.6 (s1clb1, 450.331, 450.336). 07.98 - 01.04. From 11.99 rear axle installation location.

0.6 (s1cla1, 450.341). 0.8 cdi s1clc1, 450,300, 450.301, 450.302, 450.303... 11.99 - 01.04. 0.6 (450 352, 450 353).

0.7 (450 352, 450 353). 0.6 (450 330, 450 332). 06.02 - 12.03. 01.04 - 01.07. 0.8 cdi (450.401, 450.402, 450.403, 450.400).

0.7 (450 352, 450 332). 0.8 cdi (450300, 450301, 450302, 450303, 450306).

Thank you for your interest in our products, your team of cheap automotive parts. This item is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\ automobile: parts and accessories\brakes and parts\brakes: hoofs". The seller is "auto-preiswert" and is located in this country: de. This item can be shipped to the following country: European Union.

    Mark: ate
  1. particularities: quality of origin
  2. manufacturer: ate
  3. year: 4006633136365
  4. Manufacturer/Supplier parts: auto parts price
  5. pro pack number: 4
  6. Position on vehicle: rear, left, right
  7. reference number(s) oe/oem: original brakes ate, brake pads, brake jaws
  8. Manufacturer part number: 03.0520-6522.3
  9. product group: brake system
  10. product type: jaw set
  11. article number: 15964333
  12. product type.

    Ate Rear Jaws Game For Smart City Cabriolet Fortwo Coupé    Ate Rear Jaws Game For Smart City Cabriolet Fortwo Coupé