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Automatik-schaltung Smart Equipment

Automatik-schaltung Smart Equipment

Automatik-schaltung Smart Equipment  Automatik-schaltung Smart Equipment
This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please contact us. Softip (1) on softtouch (2). (1) softip: the manual switching function. Change gears comfortably and without tightening by pressing slightly.

Softip is standard on allen equipment ranges. (2) softtouch: the automatic switching program.

Selects the ideal switching time. Easy to activate at the touch of a button. You can also switch manually using softip. Standard on passion, brabus and brabus equipment lines. Here we offer the complete conversion of softip ink into softtouch ink, material, assembly and of course softtouch activation in a single package. The assembly is therefore necessary in our company, because the switch to soft touch must be activated.

We ask you to make an appointment by phone if you are interested. We are a vehicle specialist and a master workshop for all smart models!

Installation/exchange of spare parts (new or used). Engine service (replacement engines or revised engines).

Installing the soft touch circuit. Sale and purchase of used smart vehicles. On request, we can install the spare part you purchased.

After installation, you will receive an invoice with vat. With us, you will receive an invoice with vat for each item purchased!

Smart softtouch reverses softip (1) on softtouch (2) description: (1) softip: manual switching function: of course xclusive. Customer information: our services: - installation / exchange of spare parts (new or used) - engine service (replacement engines or revised engines) - transmission service - ecu programming - installation of the cruise control - installation of the soft touch circuit - air conditioning service - accident repair - tire service - - - sale and purchase of smart vehicles used supremeauctiononlinesoftware. The item \"automatik-schaltung smart equipment\" has been on sale since Friday, August 25, 2017. It is in the category \"auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories 'auto parts' other\".

The seller is \"smart-werkstatt\" and is located at/in bad lippspringe. This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.

  1. manufacturing countries: Germany
  2. model: fortwo, roadster, coupe, convertible
  3. ©t©s©s©s
  4. fuel: petrol, diesel, electric
  5. type of service: soft to the touch of equipment
  6. specificity: equipment
  7. mark: - unmarked/generic -
  8. manufacturer's part number: not applicable

Automatik-schaltung Smart Equipment  Automatik-schaltung Smart Equipment