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Complete Wheels 4 Seasons 1 Piece 135/70 R15 70t Hankook Alcar Sheet Metal Rim

Complete Wheels 4 Seasons 1 Piece 135/70 R15 70t Hankook Alcar Sheet Metal Rim

Complete Wheels 4 Seasons 1 Piece 135/70 R15 70t Hankook Alcar Sheet Metal Rim    Complete Wheels 4 Seasons 1 Piece 135/70 R15 70t Hankook Alcar Sheet Metal Rim

Unit price for immediate purchase. 1x havekook kinergy 4s h740 135/70 r15 70t 1x alcar steel wheel mcc/smart 4 x 15 and 27 lk 112. Please note that shipping is free.

Multi-performance harmony for balanced driving in all seasons. Reduced braking distance of 10 per cent on snow. Improved road handling by 6 per cent on wet and dry roads. The application of two different slats allows the tire d? Have good performance on it?

Interior in summer and on the? Large lateral grooves (leaved style) the rubber bridge is formed at the base of its wide lateral grooves.

The reduction of the resistance to the ground allows a smoother bearing on the water and snow. Improved lateral grooves ensure the best performance? Was the application of two different slats allows the tire d?

The three-dimensional blocking of the slats progressively supports the tire even in poor road conditions by strengthening the rigidity of the blocks. Close lateral grooves (coniferous style) main lateral grooves with cross angles offer d? Adherence and braking, optimized for various road conditions. Winter these slats ensure good performance in winter on ice and snow.

Piolet adhesion (excellent snow performance) the v-shaped lateral groove inspired by the pipet allows effective driving and bend on ice and snow. Shoulder indicates the position of the tread wear indicators. They offer greater safety and performance, allowing you to know when the tread depth of a tire is no longer useful for riding on snow. Composed of high adhesion silica increased adhesion on snow / wet pavement and lower rolling resistance. Jointless belt on all the girth of the tread's perfect resistance.

2-layer steel belt ensures the optimal stiffness of the tread and improves road handling. Uniform carcase made of polyester stiffness and increased durability of the flank. Bending on very high hardness rod improves road handling and steering sensitivity. Very resistant rod improves the uniformity and durability of the heel position. Speed index: t: max 190 km/h. Size (in inches): 4x 15. Deport (in mm): and 27. Number of holes / interax (in mm): 3/112. Complete wheels, a choice of quality, because the tires are already mounted and balanced on the rims. The offer includes 1 tires on sheet rim. Before ordering, pay attention to the fact that it is not possible to change aluminum rims with steel rims only if you have access from the producer. It is essential to respect the original dimensions. If you want to change the tyre dimensions you should consult the manufacturer of your front vehicle. Note: if the tire image is displayed with a different rim than the one offered on the offer, this does not correspond to the content of the delivery but is only used to symbolize. Pneu ue label / categories d?

The European Union has introduced a new tyre label via a regulation (No 1222/2009) which is identical for the Member States of the European Union. Applies for individual car tires as well as for light and heavy commercial vehicle tires produced after 01/07/2012.

Three different areas are tested: rolling resistance, l? Hang on wet and the noise the tires make on the road at rolling. The following tyres are not concerned with l?

Tire label uue: retreaded tires, professional off-track tires, tires with additional features to increase traction, such as nailed tires, d? Type t emergency, special tyres for vehicles which were first registered before 1 October 1990, tyres with a maximum permissible speed of 80 km/h, rim tyres with a nominal diameter of 254 mm or less, or 635 mm or more. European Union pursues the aim of promoting the Economic and ecological efficiency on the road, by both improving road safety, and also by providing consumers with more transparency on products and helping them to make a decision. During this setting up, the experts criticize the fact that l? Tag tireue unfortunately shows too little d?

Apart from rolling resistance, l? Hang on wet and noise, who's on what? Tire label ue concentrates, tires have much more important and safe properties than those indicated, such as characteristics d? Aquaplaning, driving stability, service life, braking characteristics on dry and wet roads, behaviour under winter conditions, etc.

Tire manufacturers inform us that the results of tests from various institutions and newspapers remain important for the final consumer. These tests generally focus on product characteristics that are relevant to safety, and not just those that are relevant to safety. Tag tire uue displays on the? Label, what is always important for l? About us: we are the European leader in the sale of tires on the internet - n° 1!!!

Trust us, more than 10 years of experience and already millions of satisfied customers. Does the wheel work on the car? Be careful - before adding to the cart the product reassure you that you have respected the coordinates corresponding to the grey card of your vehicle.

On delivery: for 90% of orders, we deliver within 3 days of receipt of payment. We are committed to delivering you in less than 6 days. Unfortunately, in case of high demand or shortage, we would contact you to keep you informed. Observation: Please confirm the details of your invoice and delivery address before sending your order.

Once the contract between us and you has been concluded (the invoice details), upon receipt of the payment, these details can no longer be changed. In addition, in accordance with the law, the invoice, once discerned from the customer, cannot be changed. Note that in case of unavailability of the ordered product, we can deliver tires with load or higher speed indices (for the same price).

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    Number of holes: 3 Tyre speed index: t: max 190 km/h Tyre width: 135 Tyre load index: 70 Item number: skwi-7850--r-350910 Rim diameter: 70 Tyre profile: kinergy 4s h740 Size in inches: 15 Rim mark: alcar Tire mark: hankook Tyre type: all-season tires Rim width: 4j Type of rim: sheet rim
  1. entry (and): 27
  2. Drilling diameter: 112
  3. Ring model: steel wheel mcc/smart

Complete Wheels 4 Seasons 1 Piece 135/70 R15 70t Hankook Alcar Sheet Metal Rim    Complete Wheels 4 Seasons 1 Piece 135/70 R15 70t Hankook Alcar Sheet Metal Rim