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Dte Pedal Box 3s System For Smart Fortwo 451 From 2007 R3 0.6l 40kw

Dte Pedal Box 3s System For Smart Fortwo 451 From 2007 R3 0.6l 40kw
Dte Pedal Box 3s System For Smart Fortwo 451 From 2007 R3 0.6l 40kw
Dte Pedal Box 3s System For Smart Fortwo 451 From 2007 R3 0.6l 40kw
Dte Pedal Box 3s System For Smart Fortwo 451 From 2007 R3 0.6l 40kw
Dte Pedal Box 3s System For Smart Fortwo 451 From 2007 R3 0.6l 40kw

Dte Pedal Box 3s System For Smart Fortwo 451 From 2007 R3 0.6l 40kw  Dte Pedal Box 3s System For Smart Fortwo 451 From 2007 R3 0.6l 40kw

Dte pedal box system 3s for smart fortwo 451 from 2007 0.6l 40kw r3. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Dte pedal box systems 3s for smart fortwo 451 from 2007 r3 40kw 0.6L throttle control chip the pedal adjustment pedal.

Model: smart fortwo (450) year built: 2007- engine variants: fortwo. Dte-systems 3s smart fortwo pedal box (450). More driving pleasure thanks to a shorter reaction time. Only for vehicles with the illustrated connector of the accelerator pedal in the description (please check). The pedal box mobile driving profile.

Those who travel a lot by car face conditions and different driving situations. Four power levels can be selected via the pedal box. Three modes allow extended response. 6 curve settings can also be selected.

If driving style is adapted, even less fuel can be used with the pedal box. By switching to a different program, the driver has more influence on the situation.

There is no longer delay times. The reaction is immediate to the signal. This gives the driver the feeling that accelerates faster. However, the couple has not changed.

Only response indicators were improved. When responsiveness is improved, driving is simply more fun.

The ability to accelerate suddenly without delay also gives the impression of greater vehicle control. Changing the values ​​defined by the manufacturer has advantages. The pedal box meets the expectations of customers and vehicles. The response often delayed accelerator of modern engines is gone while maintaining the standard engine control. Sport mode programs in sport mode, the throttle response is increased slightly.

Sport increases the throttle response up to 16% and is therefore suitable for most situations. \Sport + mode includes an optimal gas off the entire speed range and is ideal for quick donning in traffic or the necessary passing. \It ensures better circulation in the lower speed range and response behavior is programmed to economic consumption. Mode \Specialization curve choose between six levels for specialization curves; you can increase or decrease the individual frequency response of the accelerator up to three levels. However, do not operate the switch during the acceleration process.

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Powercontrol with the product, the power output increases from 25 to 30% and consumption optimizations up to 15% are possible. For trucks, fuel consumption can be reduced up to 12% with powercontrol PDX. And farmers and entrepreneurs reach a productivity proportionately higher land through additional 20% services.

A second line of DTE products is the pedal box: adjusting the accelerator pedal to all cars with an electronic accelerator pedal. The pedal box reduces the time of response of the throttle response and leads to a significant improvement in the acceleration of approx. We always try to offer you new offers that might interest you. Take a it to our online store! Please read the description and notes section. The use of the vehicle list is indicative and may contain errors! We offer you the opportunity to place your orders as quickly and easily shopping in our online store. Shipping to customers (saving on storage costs and transport).

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Tuningbox pedal box DTE systems 3s gaspedaltuning chip. The item \\ electrical components \ ignition cdi / eCU \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe.

  1. oe reference number: TUNINGBOX pedal box DTE system 3s control the accelerator <\/ li>
  2. manufacturer part number: 10423781 (10) <\/ li>
  3. Manufacturer: DTE gmbh system <\/ li>
  4. brand - no brand / generic - <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Dte Pedal Box 3s System For Smart Fortwo 451 From 2007 R3 0.6l 40kw  Dte Pedal Box 3s System For Smart Fortwo 451 From 2007 R3 0.6l 40kw