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Febi Distribution Chain Kit For Smart Cabriolet City-coupe Fortwo

Febi Distribution Chain Kit For Smart Cabriolet City-coupe Fortwo
Febi Distribution Chain Kit For Smart Cabriolet City-coupe Fortwo

Febi Distribution Chain Kit For Smart Cabriolet City-coupe Fortwo    Febi Distribution Chain Kit For Smart Cabriolet City-coupe Fortwo

Febi distribution chain kit for smart cabriolet city-cut fortwo. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Febi distribution chain kit for smart cabrio city-cut fortwo. 1 febi distribution chain set. See technical information and the table of vehicles. Chain design: simplex number of chain links: 110 additional item/info 2: for camshaft installation location: engine side chain design: closed chain respect service information for accurate identification of the extent of delivery, please use the photo and note the content of the sentence.

Camera or crankshaft sprockets check wear and replace if necessary renew! Distribution chains with tritan® coating - exclusively in the independent replacement market.

Distribution chains, designed as sleeve chains or roller chains, consist of an arrangement of internal and external chain links. Joint surfaces form bolts and sleeves. With the loss of oil quality, caused by aging and aggressive oil-carbon-fuel mixtures, the wear of this joint becomes noticeable, especially in direct injection turbo engines, resulting in chain elongation. The high-end manufacturer iwis has revolutionized the "physical vapor deposition" (pvd) tritan® coating technology for chain axes, which is much better resistant to these conditions.

Reduction of wear by at least 50% compared to established coatings. Reduction of co2 emissions due to almost 20% less friction. No compromise on the quality of iwi distribution chains the distribution chain is an integral part of the internal combustion engine.

As a link between the crankshaft and the camshaft, it ensures precise synchronization and often also causes other components. If the camshaft and crankshaft do not work synchronously, engine performance is significantly reduced and engine management errors occur. When the distribution chain goes wrong, it can jump or even break. The result can be significant damage to the engine. Febi bilstein buys part of the range of distribution chains from the original equipment manufacturer iwis.

The exclusive alternative partnership also includes distribution chains, which are even more sustainable thanks to tritan technology for chain axes. Iwis uses the specially developed special coating process to obtain better resistance to aggressive oil-carbon-fuel mixtures. Engine control components febi - the advantages in one stroke of oil.

Meeting the requirements of car manufacturers. Note on the accuracy of the adjustment. Please check the compatibility of the items before paying an order. As soon as an order has been paid, it is automatically shipped so that the goods reach you as quickly as possible. If you are not sure, send us your vehicle data before paying so that we can check your order and correct it if necessary. To check your order, we need the kba number. From your grey card, the chassis number (e) and the date of first registration. In some cases, additional information is required to reliably identify the required spare part. Saving on consumables such as paper and ink/toner saves valuable environmental resources.

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    Mark: febi bilstein
  1. manufacturer: febi bilstein
  2. included in delivery: distribution chain guides, distribution chain
  3. Manufacturer/Supplier parts: auto parts price
  4. year: 4027816306443
  5. reference number(s) oe/oem: intelligent: 1600500269, authentic a0004822v002000000
  6. Manufacturer part number: 30644
  7. product group: engine part
  8. product type: distribution chain kit
  9. article number: 15949826
  10. product type.

    : distribution chain kit + creased belt

Febi Distribution Chain Kit For Smart Cabriolet City-coupe Fortwo    Febi Distribution Chain Kit For Smart Cabriolet City-coupe Fortwo