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Liqui Moly Oil 5l 5w-30 Filter Review For Smart Fortwo Coupe 450 0.8

Liqui Moly Oil 5l 5w-30 Filter Review For Smart Fortwo Coupe 450 0.8
Liqui Moly Oil 5l 5w-30 Filter Review For Smart Fortwo Coupe 450 0.8
Liqui Moly Oil 5l 5w-30 Filter Review For Smart Fortwo Coupe 450 0.8
Liqui Moly Oil 5l 5w-30 Filter Review For Smart Fortwo Coupe 450 0.8
Liqui Moly Oil 5l 5w-30 Filter Review For Smart Fortwo Coupe 450 0.8
Liqui Moly Oil 5l 5w-30 Filter Review For Smart Fortwo Coupe 450 0.8
Liqui Moly Oil 5l 5w-30 Filter Review For Smart Fortwo Coupe 450 0.8

Liqui Moly Oil 5l 5w-30 Filter Review For Smart Fortwo Coupe 450 0.8    Liqui Moly Oil 5l 5w-30 Filter Review For Smart Fortwo Coupe 450 0.8
Filter revision liqui moly oil 5l 5w-30 for smart fortwo cut 450 0.8. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please contact us. 1x 5 liters of engine oil liqui moly 3707 top tec 4200 5w-30 original.

1x original mann oil filter. 5 l original liqui moly 3707 top tec 4200.

Acea c3 api sn bmw longlife-04 approval mb 229.31 mb approval 229.51 porsche c30 vw 504 00 vw 507 00 acea a 3 acea a5 acea b4 acea b5 acea c2 api cf bmw longlife-01 bmw longlife-01 fe fiat 9.55535-s1 fiat 9.555535-s3 peugeot citroen (psa) b71 2290 vw 500 00 vw 501 01 vw 502 00 vw 503 00 vw 503 01 vw 505 00 vw 505 01 vw 506 00 vw 506 01 (except r5 engines and v10 tdi before 6/2006). Recommendation from the oil manufacturer. Top tec 4200 is a year-round low friction engine oil for gasoline and diesel vehicles with and without diesel particulate filter (dpf), even in case of upgrade. (exception: tdi r5 and v10 engines built before 06.2006). Meets the requirements of euro iv, v and vi emission standards. The combination of unconventional base oils based on hc synthetic technology in combination with the latest additives ensures engine oil that provides excellent protection against wear, reduces oil and fuel consumption and ensures rapid engine lubrication. Thus, according to the manufacturer's instructions, oil drain intervals of up to 30,000 or 50,000 km or 2 years for infrequent drivers. Top tec 4200 5w-30 is also perfectly suited for use in gasoline cars (gnc/gpl). Application area for gasoline and diesel vehicles with and without extended maintenance intervals (wiv) or flexible intervals, as well as with and without post-treatment of exhaust gases such as b. The diesel soot particulate filter (dpf) is ideal. Motor oil that meets these specifications is sometimes required by many car manufacturers. Application of the operating rules of vehicle and engine manufacturers must be respected. Note: The full efficiency and protection of the diesel particulate filter is only guaranteed when it is not mixed! Note from the workshop: in tank systems, the residual amount of an oil available commercially should not exceed 5%. As part of the sale of combustion engine oil or transmission oil and oil filters, we, as dealers, are required to provide information on relevant regulations and obligations in accordance with the regulations on used oils. We would like to point out that used oil or oil filters and oil-containing waste that occur regularly during oil drains are hazardous products that must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. You can return the same amount of used oil to our point of sale for free during business hours as the fresh oil you bought us, as well as oil filters and oily waste that regularly occur during oil emptying, or send it to us for free disposal at your expense in an approved package for the transport of dangerous goods. Used oil must be marked as a dangerous commodity during shipping.

It cannot be shipped by parcel service without special packaging. Each cartridge must first be welded into an extra-thick sheet box insert. Shipping can only take place in a special box for dangerous goods in accordance with iata regulations. In addition, the packaging must contain an approved absorbent material. For more accurate packing instructions and shipping prices, please contact your parcel service.

The cost of packing and shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Alternatively, the return of used oil is also possible at gas stations or recycling centres, such as recycling centres or scrap metal processing. Your workshop can also remove used oil when you change the oil. Turbo and tested cat - reduces emissions of pollutants - the engine runs smoothly - reduces fuel consumption - fast oil supply at low temperature - long life of the engine - excellent protection against wear - optimal oil pressure in allen operating conditions - excellent engine cleanliness - high lubrication reliability - optimal stability at ageing - high stability at shear. Oil filter of mann origin. Original spare room number (oe).

Acea b4; api sn; fiat 9.55535-s3; vw 500,000; vw 504,00; acea a3; acea c3; bmw longlife-04; peugeot citroen (psa) b71 2290; vw 503,00; vw 506,00; acea b5; bmw longlife-01; mb 229.31; vw 501 01; vw 505,000; acea a5; api cf; fiat 9.55535-s1; porsche c30; vw 503 01; vw 507,00; acea c2; bmw longlife-01 fe; mb 229.51; vw 502,00; vw 505 01. 660 184 00 25; 160,184 02 25; 160 184 02 25; 160,180 03 10; 160 180 03 10; 660,184 00 25; 160,184 00 25; 160 184 00 25.

000 3041 v 003; 001 972 v 001; 000 3041 v 004; 19727v001; 001 9727 v 001; 000 8034 v 001. These figures are only for comparison purposes. Security data sheet available on request.

The original coin numbers oe no. Are used as reference numbers for comparison purposes and may differ. All logos, brand names and trademarks used are the property of their owners. All products are quality checked. Usually everything is in stock - so no waiting.

1 month's right of withdrawal. 24-month warranty on new products. 12 months guarantee on second-hand goods. Our service does not stop at selling goods for you. Auto parts-24 item number: 9702472 item number: 9702472 delivery content description container type box approval of the manufacturer contains 5 quantity 5 l acea a3 specification acea c3 viscosity class sae 5w30 the description breaking point 232 c viscosity 5w30 manufacturer liqui molly features group of products oil engine outside diameter 52 info with joints size 55 millimeter inside diameter 1 22 mm diameter inside 22 mm manufacturer filter mann group of products filter to oil oil diameter outside [mm] 52 millimeter ean: release: mercedes benz: no.

3707; hu 68 x intelligent: danger contains. 5 original liter liqui moly 3707 top tec 4200 5w-30 motorenel. Service, servicekit, inspektionskit, wechselset, wechselkit. Wartung - pflege / inspektion. Peugeot citroen (psa) b71 2290.

Vw 506 01 (ausnahme r5 und v10 tdi-motoren vor 6/2006). The item \"liqui filter revision moly oil 5l 5w-30 for smart fortwo coupe 450 0.8\" is on sale since Friday, September 25, 2020. It is in the category \"auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories-auto parts -revision kits\". The seller is \"auto-carparts24\" and is located in leipzig. This item can be shipped to the following countries: America, Europe, Asia.

  1. product group: engine part
  2. : yes
  3. seed domain: maintenance - pflege / inspection
  4. scosity: 5w30
  5. surface structure: nine
  6. manufacturer's authorization9: fiat 9.55535-s3, fiat 9.55535-s1, api cf, vw 503 00, vw 503 01
  7. manufacturer's authorization8: acea b4, mb 229.51, mb 229.31, vw 501 01, porsche c30, acea c2
  8. manufacturer's coin number: 9702472
  9. mark: liqui moly
  10. manufacturer's authorization3: bmw longlife-01
  11. manufacturer's authorization2: vw 502 00
  12. manufacturer's authorization1: acea b5, vw 506 01 (exception r5 and v10 engines tdi vor 6/2006)
  13. manufacturer: yes
  14. type: oil engine, oil filter
  15. manufacturer's authorization6: peugeot citroen (psa) b71 2290, acea c3, vw 500 00, acea a3
  16. manufacturer's authorization5: vw 507 00, bmw longlife-01 fe, vw 504 00, acea a5, vw 505 00
  17. manufacturer's authorization4: bmw longlife-04
  18. oe/oem reference number: inspection package, inspection kits
  19. manufacturer's authorization: api sn
  20. manufacturer's authorization7: vw 506 00, vw 505 01
  21. product type: motor oil, oil filter
  22. application: motor vehicle
  23. unit: 5
  24. fabricant: liqui moly

Liqui Moly Oil 5l 5w-30 Filter Review For Smart Fortwo Coupe 450 0.8    Liqui Moly Oil 5l 5w-30 Filter Review For Smart Fortwo Coupe 450 0.8