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Set 4 Silentblock Powerflex Arm Front Intelligent Fortwo 450 451 Roadster

Set 4 Silentblock Powerflex Arm Front Intelligent Fortwo 450 451 Roadster
Set 4 Silentblock Powerflex Arm Front Intelligent Fortwo 450 451 Roadster
Set 4 Silentblock Powerflex Arm Front Intelligent Fortwo 450 451 Roadster

Set 4 Silentblock Powerflex Arm Front Intelligent Fortwo 450 451 Roadster    Set 4 Silentblock Powerflex Arm Front Intelligent Fortwo 450 451 Roadster
Set 4 silentblock powerflex smart front arm fortwo 450 451 roadster. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kit consisting of 4 silent blocks of the front oscillating arms.

Suspension rings are among the most stressed components mounted in a car. They are under enormous constraints without maintenance or lubrication. The rubber compound from which the standard suspension pads are manufactured deteriorates with age, becoming softer and less resistant to the forces to which it is subjected. This allows a more uncontrolled movement of the suspension components and less control over the geometry of the suspension itself. In turn, this deterioration results in faster tire wear, braking instability and less manoeuvrability.

Try driving a car of 3 or 4 years and then the new version in a few days, you will immediately notice how you can manage the recent car compared to the occasion. The installation of polyurethane powerflex supports means more control of your car, always, even on a new car. No special equipment is required, the range of applications is wide and is constantly updated for all models of cars, both very recent as well as classic and vintage. The polyurethane powerflex anchorages offer. The polyurethane powerflex anchorages are.

Built with high quality materials. Another non-indifferent advantage of powerflex products is interchangeability with original parts without any modification and without the use of specific equipment. Powerflex supports ensure their initial rigidity throughout the period of use with the same lever effect and vibration absorption. Better handling, greater safety and proper tire wear are all guaranteed by these components. Powerflex products are parts that replace traditional rubber suspension supports.

The original rubbers are normally not rigid and in any case subject to significant wear which ultimately determines variations in tyre impact angles and a poor response to driver stresses. A significant problem especially when looking for driving precision adapted to high performance.

Wear phenomenon which does not occur with polyurethane powerflex supports which are suspension elements of a hardness 25% higher than that of origin and which guarantee their initial hardness throughout the duration of use with the same lever and vibration absorption effect. On your car, it is now possible to mount powerflex blocks, a very wide and technologically advanced range built with reinforced polyurethane for suspensions. They last at least 10 times longer than rubber supports and in the first year of use, you can save the cost of rubber rings.

Powerflex offers greater safety with improved braking stability and grip even in traction. The advanced polyurethane compound overcomes the common noise problem. In fact, the special design of the compound is about 25 to 30% more rigid than the new rubber pads, but with exactly the same noise absorption properties. Powerflex, if necessary, uses stainless steel inserts, so that it completely eliminates corrosion, which is the main cause of the deterioration of the original anchors.

Easy to apply, powerflex plugs are provided with a special silicone and a complete leaflet. The control point is very important, please always close it, just click the pay button now and on the next page, select the payment method. Saturdays, Sundays and all days in red on the calendar are not considered working days. You can change this address when ordering. Removal of packages when you pick up a package, always make sure that it has not been falsified, that it has no unlikely weight, that there are not two different types of closure ribbons, that the name on the transport document corresponds to the name on the package, if you have doubts about integrity, always write on the document "you accept subject to verification of the integrity of the contents", because in case you sign the document unreservedly, you declare that the packaging is intact and that the content is perfect, so once signed in case of damage the object is not refundable.

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  1. unit of measurement: unit
  2. Colour: black Quantity: 4 Manufacturer part number: pff68-101 Mark: smart
  3. country of manufacture:United Kingdom
  4. vehicle mark: powerflex
  5. location on the vehicle: forward
  6. placement on the vehicle: before

Set 4 Silentblock Powerflex Arm Front Intelligent Fortwo 450 451 Roadster    Set 4 Silentblock Powerflex Arm Front Intelligent Fortwo 450 451 Roadster