Cabrio City Coupe

Skf Rear Wheel For Smart Cabriolet City-coupe (450) Fortwo Roadster

Skf Rear Wheel For Smart Cabriolet City-coupe (450) Fortwo Roadster

Skf Rear Wheel For Smart Cabriolet City-coupe (450) Fortwo Roadster    Skf Rear Wheel For Smart Cabriolet City-coupe (450) Fortwo Roadster

Skf rear wheel for smart cabriolet city-cut (450) fortwo roadster. This product sheet has been automatically translated.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Skf rear wheel bearing for smart cabrio city-cut (450) fortwo roadster. 1 set of wheel bearings skf incl. See technical information and the table of vehicles.

Rim : 3 ø flange : 134. Set of original wheel bearings skf. The quality is without alternative - quality of the original spare parts - produced according to the requirements and specifications of the car manufacturer - the quality of these spare parts is equal to or better than that of the products sold by the car manufacturer under its own brand - including mounting accessories such as circlips, screws, nuts or the like. Wheel Bearings The complete skf bearings usually consist of a bearing, a joint, a lubricant and a shaft attachment mechanism. The units are pre-assembled and factory-arranged.

Wheel bearing housing to protect the high performance characteristics of skf bearings, skf designs and manufactures a complete range of bearing bearings and bearing joints. These enclosures and joints are recognized for their quality and durability.

Not only do skf bearings have special design features that facilitate assembly, alignment and relubrication, but they are also machined accurately to allow the bearing inside the bearing to reach its full life. Note on the accuracy of the adjustment. Please check the compatibility of the items before paying an order.

As soon as an order has been paid, it is automatically shipped so that the goods reach you as quickly as possible. If you are not sure, send us your vehicle data before paying so that we can check your order and correct it if necessary. To check your order, we need the kba number. From your grey card, the chassis number (e) and the date of first registration. In some cases, additional information is required to reliably identify the required spare part.

Saving on consumables such as paper and ink/toner saves valuable environmental resources. In addition, you no longer have to worry about storing, filing and searching your bill. Please note that it is not possible to change the delivery address after payment, as we release and forward orders directly for shipment.

Note on the tracking number. 0.6 (s1ola1, 450.441, 450.442, 450.443). 03.00 - 01.04. 0.8 cdi (s1olc1, 450.401, 450.402, 450.403, 450.400). 03.01 - 01.04.

0.6 (s1old2, 450 452). 01.01 - 01.04. 0.7 (450 452, 450 432). 01.03 - 01.04. 06.02 - 01.04.

0.6 (s1clb1, 450.331, 450.336). 07.98 - 01.04.

0.6 (s1cla1, 450.341). 0.8 cdi s1clc1, 450,300, 450.301, 450.302, 450.303... 11.99 - 01.04. 0.6 (450 352, 450 353).

0.7 (450 352, 450 353). 0.6 (450 330, 450 332). 06.02 - 12.03. 01.04 - 01.07.

0.8 cdi (450.401, 450.402, 450.403, 450.400). 0.7 (450 352, 450 332).

0.8 cdi (450300, 450301, 450302, 450303, 450306). 04.03 - 11.05. 0.7 brabus (452.437). 12.03 - 11.05. 0.7 brabus (452.337).

06.03 - 11.05. Thank you for your interest in our products, your team of cheap automotive parts.

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    Mark: skf
  1. manufacturer: skf
  2. year: 7316574207053
  3. Manufacturer/Supplier parts: auto parts price Mounting position: rear, left, right
  4. reference number(s) oe/oem: snr: r187.02, bendix: 050628b, fag kit set, spidan: 27300
  5. Manufacturer part number: vkba6625
  6. product group: direction
  7. product type: wheel bearing
  8. Item number: 10093768
  9. product type.

    Skf Rear Wheel For Smart Cabriolet City-coupe (450) Fortwo Roadster    Skf Rear Wheel For Smart Cabriolet City-coupe (450) Fortwo Roadster