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Smart City Cut W450 0.6 52 Kw 71 HP Additional Power Box

Smart City Cut W450 0.6 52 Kw 71 HP Additional Power Box
Smart City Cut W450 0.6 52 Kw 71 HP Additional Power Box
Smart City Cut W450 0.6 52 Kw 71 HP Additional Power Box
Smart City Cut W450 0.6 52 Kw 71 HP Additional Power Box
Smart City Cut W450 0.6 52 Kw 71 HP Additional Power Box
Smart City Cut W450 0.6 52 Kw 71 HP Additional Power Box
Smart City Cut W450 0.6 52 Kw 71 HP Additional Power Box

Smart City Cut W450 0.6 52 Kw 71 HP Additional Power Box    Smart City Cut W450 0.6 52 Kw 71 HP Additional Power Box
Smart city cut w450 0.6 gasoline additional power box chip box. Your French partner in the equipment and increased performance of your car. We provide you with a new device with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

We are established in France and apply the current regulations of mail-order sales vpc. Editing instructions in francai + colour photos + online editing video. Digital technology with eeprom motorola.

Has 10 ranges of settings (diesel). Nothing to cut, nothing to solder: plug and drive. Mounting time: 5 minutes on average without tools. Undetectable even with the Odb manufacturer suitcase.

Free reprogrammable in case of vehicle change in the year. Your satisfaction above all else. For this, we offer you the service satisfied or refund, if the product does not suit you. Reimbursement on return of the object to our home in our workshops.

The extra case for the. Is made of reinforced aluminium, with high thermal resistance, it is grey color.

The power gain/couple is adjustable with 10 positions via a rider to move in the case. The addional case for the. The power gain/couple is adjustable via a potentiometer on the case. Once your payment has been validated, we will do what is necessary to ship the parcel as soon as possible and if possible on the day of your order.

Careful and protected shipping with internet tracking of delivery around the world. In case of loss or theft of the package, we return a new item to our charge. The device increases the performance of your car. The ratios are more fluid, the rise in speed is faster, the exceedance time is reduced, the consumption is significantly reduced, the peak speed may be increased.

Depending on the vehicles and their engines, the gain in power cv and nm may be different. The generally observed gain is +25cv and +40nm of torque with a reduced co-summation of -0.5/100km (example on 1.6 e-hdi 92 on test bench). Additional cases are non-certified devices, they improve the mechanical performance of your car, we draw your attention to the fact that its use is exclusively for automotive competition. Use should be limited to closed roads or circuits.

Its installation and use remains your responsibility. The installation on some vehicles requires an instervention requiring 30 to 45 minutes such as 1.4 / 1.6 hdi tdci engines (mounting video available). Free reprogramming under conditions of compatibility with the new vehicle, please contact us. Terms and Conditions of Sale 1/ Generalites all our sales are subject to these terms and conditions which prevail over any terms and conditions of purchase unless expressly and formally waived by us. Any order implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale and warranty.

2/ warning the products sold by powershopland are reserved for car competition, they are unlicensed, they are prohibited on the open road and are not approved by manufacturers and insurance companies. Installation and installation may result in loss of the manufacturer's warranty. This could be used by insurance to avoid covering claims for failure to report the installation of the box to the insurer. We urge you to contact the mining department in the prefecture of your department. Powershopland disclaims any liability for the challenge of a manufacturer's warranty, a mechanical, electronic or insurance breach.

3/ Technical characteristics The figures announced on the increase in power generated by the additional housings are variable depending on the motors and the condition of the vehicles. These power growth figures in our advertisements and advertisements are indicative and do not in any way constitute a contractual commitment. 4/ delivery times and delivery times are indicative. Powershopland undertakes to ship orders on time after receipt of the payment, but delivery times depend on the hazards of the carriers.

As a result, no claim can be upheld or create grounds for penalties or damages in the event of delay in delivery dates. Fortuitous or force majeure cases are reserved for our benefit and give us the right to suspend the execution of orders for a period equal to the duration of the accidental or force majeure case. Shipping costs are always the responsibility of the customer, whether they are postal, carrier or express, unless otherwise stated. The goods travel at the risk of the consignee, who has recourse against the carrier.

Any claim made must be made in writing to the carrier at the time of delivery and the copy must be sent to us within eight days, otherwise no claim will be allowed. 5/ prices the selling prices of the products offered by powershopland are fixed. The announced prices are ttc, the tva is not recoverable. Tva not applicable Article 293b. 6/ Payment terms and regulations our sales are always made exclusively in cash.

Shipments are made only when the settlement is received. 7/ return exchange subject to what is specified below for distance sales, no merchandise returns will be accepted unless previously agreed by us and in the form of an exchange only. The return takes place in paid port, goods in new condition. No return if the object is opened or damaged by the buyer. Any goods arriving to us without prior agreement will be systematically refused.

In the event of a remote sale to individuals, the latter in accordance with the law, will have a period of seven working days and frank from the delivery of the order to return to us at their exclusive expense the product for exchange or refund. In this case, the product should be returned to its original packaging in perfect working order. 8/ Warranty our additional enclosures are guaranteed 5 years. Return costs remain at the customer's expense.

The warranty applies only to the product for normal use, no warranty is granted as a result of defective installation. Any open or dismantled object will not be taken over or exchanged. Powershopland excludes any warranty in the event of force majeure, negligence or failure to maintain, non-conforming use or defective assembly. Any failure directly or indirectly related to the use of our products will under no circumstances be the responsibility of powershopland.

No financial or material support will be granted even partial. The use and installation of the products is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

9/litigations-contests any dispute relating to the sale of our products even in the event of a claim for security or a plurality of defendants will be within the exclusive jurisdiction of the commercial court in whose jurisdiction our registered office is situated. 10/ owner's reserve powershopland remains the owner of the property until the property is paid in full.

No payment within the meaning of this clause shall constitute the surrender of a security creating an obligation to pay. Failure to pay any due date may result in the claim of the goods, the goods in the possession of the purchaser being presumed to be the unpaid goods. These provisions do not prevent the transfer of risks to the purchaser from the outset of the products of our premises.

Until the full payment of the principal and accessories, the purchaser will not be able to resell or process the products of our company. Easy and quick assembly in 4 floors. 2 - Unplug the connector from your car. 3 - Connect the first socket of the case to your car. 4 - Connect the socket of your car to the 2nd socket of the case.

And it's already over.. _gsrx_vers_811 gs 7.0.9 (811). This item is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\tuning, styling\motors, chip tuning\chips, chips". The seller is "powershopland" and is located in this country: en. This item can be shipped to the following countries: america, europe, asia.

    Manufacturer part number: 0644221748770
  1. number oes (original equipment beg): 0644221748770
  2. mark: powershopland
  3. country of manufacture: france
  4. Manufacturer guarantee: 5 years
  5. e/oem reference number: 0644221748770

Smart City Cut W450 0.6 52 Kw 71 HP Additional Power Box    Smart City Cut W450 0.6 52 Kw 71 HP Additional Power Box