Cabrio City Coupe

Turbo Smart Cabriolet 0.7 Smart

Turbo Smart Cabriolet 0.7 Smart
Turbo Smart Cabriolet 0.7 Smart
Turbo Smart Cabriolet 0.7 Smart

Turbo Smart Cabriolet 0.7 Smart    Turbo Smart Cabriolet 0.7 Smart

Turbo smart convertible 0.7 - smart. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please contact us.

We only guarantee you original parts. We send our goods immediately after receiving payment. Turbocharger smart cabrio 0.7 - smart roadster.

Note: If this item is a spare, please consider the old part repository, which you can find in the ad. The deposit of the old part is paid after sending a request for payment. No more filing of old coins (see features of the article). If this item is a spare, please note the deposit, which you can find in the ad.

Our old parts criteria: when purchasing replacement turbochargers: the old part must be repairable, i. The new air and exhaust casing must not present any external or internal damage such as cracks, cracks or material fatigue. In addition, it must be a complete original incl part. Control box/empty box if necessary electric actuator of supercharger pressure. In addition, the turbocharger should not be disassembled.

After the purchase, you must complete the payment process and select the desired payment method. After clicking \"pay now,\" you'll see the corresponding payment options.

We're here to help. We are by your side with words and deeds before and after the purchase. All orders placed before 2 p. Are shipped the same day. If you are not satisfied with your goods, you can return them within 14 days.

If your goods are part of an exchange, the return time of the old coin is also 14 days from the receipt of the goods. The return costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Please note the old room criteria. Model dewabit turbocharger injector injection pumps dpf store contact reviews your benefits: quality oe free delivery guaranteed 24 months 288.00 eur incl. Germany template fresh by bws other categories show show show.

The item \"turbo smart convertible 0.7 smart\" is on sale since Saturday, March 13, 2021. It is in the category \"auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories-auto spare parts-turbos, superchargers-turbos\". The seller is \"aps. Germany\" and is located in coesfeld. This item can be sent to the following countries: European Union, Swiss.

  1. product group: engine part
  2. former mortgage of part of: 100 eur
  3. reference (n) oe: 1600960499
  4. reference (n) oe6: c0006314v001
  5. reference (n) oe2: 124315
  6. reference (n) oe3: 172-03382
  7. reference (n) oe5: 708837-1
  8. product type: turbocharger
  9. reference (n) oe4: c0006314v00100000000
  10. reference (n) oe9: 911221
  11. product type:: turbo
  12. manufacturer part number: at1221a
  13. reference (n) oe1: 708837-0001
  14. filetage? Performs: yes
  15. reference (n) oe8: t911221, a1600960499, 333267
  16. segment: origin and series
  17. load: exhaust turbocharger
  18. reference (n) oe7: 708837-5001s
  19. fabricant: original manufacturer
  20. mark: - unmarked/generic -

Turbo Smart Cabriolet 0.7 Smart    Turbo Smart Cabriolet 0.7 Smart